The Development

Strategically situated in Fourways, Gauteng on the R511 corridor; with transport arteries North, East, South and West, lies Riversands Commercial Park – a development that is already redefining commercial parks in Southern Africa. Developed to be a secure complex, Riversands offers a variety of commercial precincts – allowing for retail, office, warehousing and light industrial business premises.

Area: Fourways, Gauteng
Development size: 237,406ha
Land use: 100 stands ranging from 700m² – 174,345m² each

Make the right move

This project builds on the massive success that Century enjoyed at Waterfall City where the urban design was deemed to be near flawless. Designed in a phased approach, the retail and commercial precincts will be launched first – giving potential tenants the ultimate choice of prime sites. With innovative concepts, such as the Incubation Hub and the Green initiatives, Riversands Commercial Park is set to become the preferred commercial development in Northern Johannesburg.

Already in its concept phase, Riversands is attracting high-end businesses over a wide-ranging scope. Therefore, it has been identified as a focus area for strategic investments in the North and will be used as a catalyst for the further Economic and Social Development in the North.

It is noteworthy that the initial development will create more than 27,000 new permanent jobs, which creates more economic growth through the need for more housing to support the labour force for this initiative. Ultimately, Riversands Commercial Park represents an integration between Century Property Developments, The Jobs Fund, various governmental departments and the private sector in order to uplift the local community and contribute to the general economy.

With this project in mind, we would welcome an opportunity to discuss your business premises and its requirements. Century’s leasing team will assist you in securing property that not only supports your business, but also adds value to it. Our in-house design and architectural team welcomes the opportunity to propose a custom designed building with your company’s individual needs, with a feasibility study and an indicative leasing budget.

Customised Solutions for the Unique Requirements of your Business

As the site has been phased and zoned according to the type of businesses that will be placed in the Riversands Commercial Park, Century has assembled a dedicated team of urban designers, architects, quantity surveyors, construction consultants and leasing specialists to customise a solution for your commercial leasing needs. A draft building will be designed around your brief and with it they will generate a feasibility study as well as a comprehensive leasing budget that will clearly illustrate the financial benefit of becoming a part of this unique development. A set of architectural guidelines have been developed and includes environmentally conscious measures to ensure cost-effective operations in the long run as well as reducing our footprint on this beautiful blue planet to an absolute minimum. All sites within the Riversands Commercial Park will be linked through an integrated IT technology system that will ensure optimal communication channels for your business. Another cornerstone to this development is tight security measures with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the safety and security of the premises

Accessibility and Road Infrastructure

Riversands Commercial Park is conveniently located on the R511 just minutes from the Northern Suburbs hub of Fourways, and adjacent to Steyn City. With over R1.4 Billion already committed in road infrastructure and the current reconstruction and upgrading of William Nicol Drive (K46) between Fourways and N14 to a dual carriageway standard, this area, including Riversands has been earmarked as the prime corridor of development within Gauteng.

Apart from the existing road network upgrades by the addition of lanes and intersections, there are a number of additional new freeways earmarked for construction in the immediate area which will significantly reduce traffic congestion, widen economic growth, stimulate social development opportunities and positively impact the environment and improve commuters’ quality of life.

The aim of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) is to provide unimpeded growth in Gauteng, while paving the way for major investment. Gauteng generates over 38 per cent of the total value of South Africa’s economic activities and has experienced exponential growth in terms of its housing, office, retail and industrial needs over the past 10 years. The major upgrade of transportation related infrastructure during Phase 1 of GFIP, which was completed in 2011, has already unlocked traffic congestion and substantially improved the socio-economics of the Province. Phase 2 of GFIP will include approximately 154km of road upgrades and 55km of new freeways with a total project value estimated at R6-billion. Under consideration are the PWV 9, which would be a four-lane highway running from the N1 at Sandton to the Mabopane highway, north of Pretoria; and the four-lane PWV 5, running east to west between the R21 at OR Tambo Airport and Riversands Commercial Park. In principle, the objective of the scheme is to provide interconnected networks of inner and outer ring roads as a solution to the traffic congestion experienced in Gauteng, which will also directly link the historically neglected areas of Johannesburg. The solution will not only be beneficial to public transport, private and road freight users, but also create opportunities for new commercial hubs like Riversands Commercial Park, opening up streams of new business and commerce.

Architecture and urban Design

A specific set of architectural guidelines will ensure that businesses retain their sense of strong branding whilst ensuring a harmonious visual theme for the precinct. The urban design of Riversands Commercial Park has been developed in conjunction with some of South Africa’s leading urban design firms and architectural companies to have a unique and refreshing vernacular. Colour coded zones will orientate the visitor according to the precincts that they are in. Special attention has been given to urban design details such as street furniture and public signage to ensure the visual integrity of the development is consistent.

Security and I,T

Century Property Developments has refined the concept of security in residential and commercial developments. Vehicle access will be controlled and monitored at all access points to Riversands Commercial Park. These, coupled with spike boom gates and highly trained manpower, ensure vehicular movement is screened at all times. All security gatehouses have been equipped with full height pedestrian turnstiles that will monitor and screen pedestrian access onto the development. Parts of the perimeter as well as some activities within the development will be constantly monitored through CCTV with built-in analytics. The development has a perimeter wall that is 3 meters high and reinforced with concrete.

Riversands Commercial Park will feature specialised IT infrastructure to deliver fast, reliable data requirements to all tenants. A leading converged telecommunications and multimedia services platform providers will be utilised to provide state-of-the-art fibre optic network services on an open access platform, this allows tenants to specify which service provider they would prefer to use.


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