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Reddam House Waterfall Estate



Dear Waterfall Purchaser,

We are pleased to announce the opening in January 2012 of Graeme Crawford’s latest school: Reddam House Waterfall Estate.

Reddam House Waterfall Estate

After the enormous success of the Crawford Schools, Graeme Crawford researched education internationally in preparation for the launch of his new group of dynamic and outstanding schools. This new generation of schools is called Reddam House and have been established in both South Africa and Australia.

These Schools were launched in:

  • Constantia, Cape Town in 2000
  • Bondi, Sydney (Australia) in 2001
  • Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town in 2003
  • Bedfordview, Johannesburg in 2003
  • Woollahra, Sydney (Australia) in 2003.

Each of these schools incorporates a Pre-School (from 3 years of age), a Primary School and a High School.

In 2007 the groundbreaking Reddam House Early Learning School was established in Sydney designed for maximum learning, skills and stimulation for toddlers from 12 months through to children of 5 years of age.

Reddam House Early Learning School

The Reddam House Waterfall Estate Schools will include the best of international trends in education incorporating an Early Learning School (for children from 1 year old), a Primary School and a High School. Each of these schools will be accommodated in impressive buildings and enjoy outstanding facilities with a comprehensive sporting infrastructure - set on the magnificent Waterfall Estate.

The Reddam House Schools are proudly co-educational, non-denominational and selective. It offers a unique philosophy that is completely child centred and allows each individual to thrive and achieve absolute success, while strongly encouraging individuality and self-confidence. Fundamental to the philosophy is the recruitment of only the finest handpicked educators. In addition, best in the field specialists in dance, drama, music, art, languages, computers and sport provide the full enrichment from the Early Learning School through to the High School.

The Reddam House schools are upheld as centres of excellence in all aspects of their holistic education and have experienced unprecedented success in academics, sport and performing and creative arts. All students enjoy wearing our distinctive, specifically designed comfortable and stylish uniform.

Reddam House expressions of excellence
Reddam House expressions of excellence

Reddam House provides a plethora of opportunities in a happy, vibrant and stimulating learning environment and atmosphere. The Reddam House school children love their school experience! Reddam House graduates are confident, articulate and self-assured. They are provided with the skills and wherewithal for success at university and life.

Reddam House expressions of excellence

Reddam House looks forward to your children joining their school and working in partnership with you towards achieving their full potential.

Reddam House administrative, registration and reception offices are set up within the Waterfall Country Estate Sales Office, residents are encouraged to arrange interviews and stop in to meet with the Reddam House staff on an immediate basis.

For registration or further information, please contact the local on-site representative:

George Balios
Director of Reddam House
076 899 1100

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Reddam House expressions of excellence

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