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Five golden rules of investment

While shares and other market instruments may hog the headlines in the finance pages, the finite supply of good residential property and the opportunity to make a profit using a lender's money opens up the opportunity for substantial wealth creation. But only if you stick to five important rules. Rule 1 - Buck the market trend: buy when sentiment is down...

On Show

Century offers a wide selection of the most sought after lifestyle estates on the property market. Whether you are looking for:

» a new home
» a secure estate for your family
» a spacious environment
» an investment with high return
» downscaling and retirement
» a weekend getaway property
» office/warehouse letting
» upmarket rental

Whatever your need, we have the right product for you. Contact our knowledgeable staff now to discuss your requirements.

27 new House Designs

We recently commissioned 27 of the best architects to design 27 unique new house designs especially for you. The houses range in size from 350m² to 1500m² and were designed for our Waterfall, Blue Hills and The Hills Estates.

Social Investment Initiatives

The Diepsloot Youth Programme

The vision of this programme is to create a drug free generation in Diepsloot that has firm basic morals and has the basics of a school education in place so they can grow and become valuable contributors to society with a strong sense of self worth and achievement.

The programme focusses on the problems plaguing the Diepsloot youths, drug abuse, a lack of basic morals, no understanding of basic human rights resulting in mob justice and crimes being committed in schools. Over two years ago we selected 5 young adults from the South African Police Services Youth League who were then trained in the subjects of Drug education, Basic morals, The Youth for Human Rights a united nations charter as well as a technology of study to assist the learners and teachers alike.

These “ coaches” then went out into the schools and began a campaign of drug education, followed by basic morals and youth for human rights. This is being done in the form of interactive workshops with the youths in the schools. The results have been phenomenal; bullying is no longer happening, drug dealing which was occurring in school grounds at break times no longer happens, school going learners have stopped smoking and have a greater understanding of the harmful effects of drugs and how important basic values and respect in life towards one another is. The concept of producing and exchange where by one can be proud of one's achievements is strongly emphasized.

The South African Police Services in Diepsloot is a key player in this programme as they want to see the reduction of crime in the area and an increase in awareness of human rights, mutual respect and self worth. They know the way to achieve this is to start with the youth.